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Cuddly Hedgehogs

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Cuddly Hedgehogs

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Cuddly Hedgehogs
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Cuddly Hedgehogs _Designed by PixelMatter3D ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:371177 ) _Hedgehog (subfamily Erinaceinae), any of 15 Old World species of insectivores possessing several thousand short, smooth spines. Most species weigh under 700 grams (1.5 pounds), but the common western European hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus) can grow to 1,100 grams. Body length is 14 to 30 cm (5.5 to 12 inches), and there is a stumpy and sparsely furred tail measuring 1 to 6 cm. In addition to the three species of Eurasian hedgehogs (genus Erinaceus), there are four African hedgehogs (genus Atelerix), six desert hedgehogs (genus Hemiechinus), and two steppe hedgehogs (genus Mesechinus). European hedgehogs are kept as pets, as is the African pygmy hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris). _All hedgehogs are similar in body form, but some desert species have larger ears and longer legs. The short, stocky body is densely covered with spines except for the underside, legs, face, and ears. The cream-coloured spines are banded with brown and black, and coloration of the upperparts ranges from speckled cream to brown, depending upon the width of the pigmented bands; some individuals are black (melanistic). _Hedgehogs crouch, hiss, and erect their spines at the slightest danger, but their best defense is to curl into a protective ball. “Rolling up” is made possible primarily by a muscle that encircles the body from neck to rump along the sides of the body just beneath the skin and within which the peripheral spines are embedded.Hedgehogs walk in a slow toddle or with short, rapid steps, depending upon the species, and stop frequently to sniff the air. They are also capable of short bursts of speed, raising their body high off the ground as they run on the hairless soles of their feet. _Hedgehogs are solitary, tolerating one another only during courtship and copulation and until the young are old enough at four to seven weeks to disperse from the nest. There are one to three annual litters of 1 to 11 offspring, with gestation lasting 31 to 42 days. The young are blind and helpless and have soft scattered white spines at birth that are replaced in three to five days by darker permanent spines.Western European hedgehogs can curl into a ball by 11 days after birth. Females will sometimes eat their offspring if the nest is disturbed soon after birth, and males will attack and eat young hedgehogs of the same species. They have a life span of up to seven years. _Some people consider hedgehogs useful pets because they prey on many common garden pests. While on the hunt, they rely upon their senses of hearing and smell because their eyesight is weak.Hedgehogs hibernate in cold climates. In deserts, they sleep through heat and drought in a similar process called aestivation. They remain active all year in more temperate locations.
Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10000198
Length [mm] 98.77
Width [mm] 85.86
Height [mm] 100
Volume [cm³] 362.05
Area [cm²] 315.77